Make Halloween Outdoor Decorations: Ring of Ghost and FlagPOLE SPOOKS

This is a family tradition that we love to use for outdoor Halloween decorations:


Materials: Three Twin-sized Sheets. 3 Four-foot lengths of flexible 1/2-inch PVC Piping or Wooden Stakes, or Dowels. 3 Small white plastic Garbage Bags. Masking Tape Newspaper String. Twist Ties or Twist Ties. (optional).

Make These Cute DIY Ghosts for Your Front Yard | DIY Outdoor Halloween


1. The first step is to choose a location for your ghost gathering. You can either find a large open space or group them around a light pole or tree.

2. You can crumple newspaper and stuff three plastic trash bags into the appropriate size for the ghosts’ heads.

3. To secure, stick one of the PVC pipes in one of your bags. Wrap the neck with masking tape. Continue with the other ghosts.

4. Each ghost head should be covered with a sheet. Secure each head with a string or a twist tie. To attach to neighboring ghosts, the head should be in the center of the sheet.

You can make shorter or taller ghosts. However, you will need to adjust the sheet size that you use to accommodate them. Our ghosts will measure in at just 4 feet.

5. The PVC pipe should be pushed into the ground in a circle about 1-2 feet apart. The sheets should touch ground level and cover the support. Wooden stakes and dowels can be used, but ghosts will not have the same movement as with PVC piping.

6. To give the illusion that the ghosts are holding hands, tie the ends of each sheet. Your ghosts will now move in the wind because the PVC is flexible.

7. You can make Casper-like characters on the sheets by using a black marker if desired.

We have three children, so we always make three ghosts. But you can connect as many ghosts as you like!

They’ll look like they’re playing a spooky game of “ring-around-the-rosy”!

Click here to see our Ring of Ghosts.


This is a great way to make spooky decorations if you have a flagpole attached to your front yard.

Inexpensive Halloween prop idea – outdoor yard decorations

The Scary Flagpole Ghost – Attach a “Screamer”-style mask to the flagpole’s end. Attach a considerable length of white tulle or a sheet to the mask. As his white tulle flutters in the wind, the scary creature will appear as if he is flying.

Flagpole Frankenstein – Hang a Frankenstein Mask from the flagpole’s end. Attach a dark-colored trash bag to the flagpole. The spooky effect can be enhanced by tearing the trash bag at the edges.

Flagpole Witch – Hang a mask of a witch from the flagpole. Attach a witch’s hat to your mask and tie a trash bag of dark color behind it. To make the witch’s robe flap in the wind, tear the trash bag.

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