DIY Energy Generator – Magnetic electricity can power your entire home!

Imagine what it would feel like to power your entire house using a DIY energy generator is possible with magnetic, electric generators. There are thousands upon thousands of people all over the globe who have decided to stop paying high electricity bills and now produce their own energy. You only need the right plans to build your magnetic electricity generator.

I love DIY. When my friend told me it was possible to build a generator powered by magnetism, I couldn’t wait to get my plans!

After I downloaded the plans, I went to my local DIY shop and bought everything I needed. There are no particular parts, and even magnets are standard. You will find everything you need as long as there is a decent DIY store near you.

This was the first DIY energy generator (magnetic or not) that I had ever built. I tend to stick to woodworking and carpentry. After three days of continuous work, I was able to finish my first generator.

It was my first generator, so I built a smaller version to test it before making the larger one.

It was completed and connected to my power supply surprisingly simple.

It’s been about a week since I checked the electricity meter, and it has reduced my electricity bill by around 43%.

This is so cool!

Once I have built a more significant generator, I will be selling it to my friend, which will help me reduce my electricity bills.

This project is highly recommended.

Make sure you have the right plans. Many free plans don’t work, and some rip-offs.

Source by Allan Recio

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