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What exactly is technology? You can bet that every person you ask will have a different definition depending on what they use. Your mother will be able to tell you technology is good for her. However, your younger brother will likely say technology refers to the latest generation of computers and high-detail games. You will most likely say it is your phone. Technology is semi-cooked food to me. It was the greatest invention of all time. It’s not just me.

We have now established how we mortals see technology. It would be fascinating to find out what it is. It deals with the way a species’ knowledge and habits affect its ability to adapt to the environment. This is a broad definition.

It is what we, the human race, see as the result of the interplay of engineering and science.

Technology is one such term that cannot be defined. Technology can refer to anything, from a mainboard to a method of organizing a factory. It could refer to almost everything because technology has impacted all things.

What can we do with it? As such, in specific areas like “medical technology”, describing only one aspect of science or in expressions like “state-of-the-art-technology”, which is by far more abstract.

What is Technology?

Technology has been around as long as humanity has existed. We are wired to find all sorts of technology that will make our lives easier. You can bet that if these things don’t exist, we will create them. We have managed to change everything, starting with the discovery and adaptation of all things found in nature to our own needs, and ending with the World Wide Web (and the satellites that orbit it), which has made the world a better place. Technology is the key. As our ancestors used the phrase, technology has taught us a lot about controlling our environment since the invention of wheels.

The technology we have all around us allows us to communicate on a global level. This is what it looks like! You can instantly see your friend on the other side of this world with just one click. Talk to her but also see her and see how she reacts.

Technology brought with it a terrible curse. Technology didn’t just invent good things. There are many destructive gadgets out there that don’t ease our lives, but instead make it more difficult or worse. Bang-Bang! This is not your kid’s gun. It’s a real gun that can end your life in a split second.

Technology is the engine that makes the world turn every day. But not quite. This is not magic, but the laws of nature. Technology is everything, and all things that aren’t magic can be attributed to it. That’s 99,9% of all the things you use in your daily life. VIVA Technology.

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