Community Health, Economic Development, and Public Health

Community Health, Economic Development, and Public Health stock exchange, financial crisis, covid-19

 The Covid-19 economic recovery task force is made up of prominent economists, councilors, as well as business leaders. Its prime purpose is to recommend ways to revitalize the country’s economy in the wake of the recession and financial crisis. These experts present their own personal and professional expertise on the economic concepts crucial in reviving the country’s sluggish economy. Their “strategic economic suggestions” to recover the country’s economy will be presented in a report circulated to all government levels.

Three economic concepts that can help the country’s economy bounce back

 This paper discusses three economic concepts that can help the country’s economy bounce back. These concepts are: physical distancing, capital formation, and demand balance. A physical distancing analysis involves calculating the gap between what a business needs and what it has. Capital formation consists of the calculation of capital stock and the need for expansion. Lastly, a demand balance considers the relationship between the total number of buyers and sellers and the current supply and demand for a particular product.

Community Health, Economic Development, and Public Health stock exchange, financial crisis, covid-19

Covid-19 economic recovery task force

 The Covid-19 economic recovery task force has released an assessment report on the current state of the economy that examines these three concepts. According to this study, business owners should first expand their business by expanding capacity, reducing costs, and diversifying into other markets. Second, businesses should consider creating new or innovative products to increase their profit margin. Third, these firms should invest in physical resources such as capital assets, raw materials, and land so that they can increase their productivity. Finally, investors and banks should increase their lending power to businesses and other financing sources so that the country’s output can continue growing at a satisfactory rate.

 One of the ideas presented in the report is the idea of investing in new ideas. It is because a business owner cannot always create a new idea on his own. In addition, today’s business environment is too highly competitive, and it would take too much time and too much money for the entrepreneur to come up with his own unique product. Therefore, the best option for him is to purchase an idea from another firm simply. The researchers believe that there are still many potentials for this idea-based economic recovery, but only time will tell whether the Covid-19 economic recovery plan will be successful or not.

 Another idea presented in the report is a “smart dashboard.” What is a smart dashboard? 

It is a combination of four key elements, including: 

(a) a platform for business; 

(b) a distribution tool; 

(c) a communications vehicle, and 

(d) a social media platform. 

The researchers believe this is an excellent example of a concept that can implement in the current context since the internet is one of the fastest-growing communication tools today. A social media platform for business can provide the link between users, which is essential since users generally share information about their experiences and search for other users through social networks. Thus, a smart dashboard combines the benefits of these two communication channels.

 Another concept being considered by the Covid-19 economic recovery experts is LMS (learning communities), a platform that allows people to learn and share ideas. The idea is to create a platform for learning and development within the Okanogan County, Washington area. For instance, the first phase of the development plan called the “Learning Community of Okanogan County” will incorporate LMS components that will include:

1) Online training modules for county residents who may have concerns about obtaining a license to operate a business.

2) Online education modules for trainers and managers who will train county residents.

3) Community-based activities such as movie nights, cookouts, and sporting events.

4) A digital newsstand where the local residents can buy newspapers, magazines, and other items.

The Covid-19 economic recovery study authors were very excited about this idea, as it will allow them to implement various economic development strategies in the area.

 Lastly, the researchers noted the need for research and evaluation for the economic development strategy of the Okanogan County, Washington area. Specifically, this includes conducting qualitative analysis to determine whether the existing transportation infrastructure can support the economic development model and if the area’s citizens will welcome the new establishments if it happens. One of the researchers’ goals was to conduct a qualitative research project and learn what residents of the rural Okanogan county are thinking and why. The research project is underway, and the results will be published soon. The other goal is to understand what concerns residents have regarding the feasibility of the county’s economic strategy.

 After all, is said and done, this is an exciting development in the world of public health and economic development. Although there is still some more analysis and research needed to be done in this area, the Covid-19 economic recovery team seems to have grasped some of the main concerns that many citizens have. In a time when the economy is suffering, and people are worried about their family’s future, the findings of this report can certainly be welcomed. For example, a focus on healthy eating and a focus on physical activity has been seen as a way to jump-start the economy and increase employment. And physical activity, as well as a focus on community health, may be seen as a way to bolster the “healthiness” of our nation and improve the community as well!

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